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Low Background Alpha Detectors
Model 2100AB Low-Background Alpha/Beta Counter
Model 4200AB Low-Background Alpha/Beta Counter
Model 8600A Windowless Large-Area Proportional Counter
Model 8208A Large-Area Ionization Chamber - 20 cm diameter area
Model 8210A Large-Area Ionization Chamber - 25 cm diameter area
Model 8250BH Large-Area Gridded Ionization Chamber - 12.7 cm diameter x 20.3 cm high cylin.
Other Instruments and Electronics
Model QS-06 Low-Noise Amplifier System - charge-sensitive
Model QS-18 Low-noise Amplifier/Discriminator System - charge-sensitive
Model 8200A-AGM Automatic Gas Management Controller - stand-alone or rack-mounted
Model 8200A-PPS-115 Portable Pump Station - cart
Model 8208-AMP/HV Amplifier/HV Power Supply - stand-alone or rack-mounted
Model 8600DAS PC-Based 4-Channel Data Logger & Software