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URSA II Universal Radiation Spectrum Analyzer
Versatile, Flexible, Portable, Compatible, Adaptable, Multipurpose, Low-cost

The URSA II has been designed taking into account comments and requests from our current URSA customers. It has a full-featured MCA program that can be used with practically any radiation detector and can extract any data your detector can supply!

Specific applications include:

  • Bulk sample analysis
  • air sample analysis
  • wipe sample analysis
  • thyroid assay
  • environmental monitoring
  • compliance monitoring
  • nuclear medicine
  • identification of unknown nuclides
  • remote monitoring
  • health physics
  • homeland defense
  • portal monitoring
  • education
The all-new fully, quantitative Windows-based URSA-II software package has been designed for ease of use in a 32-bit Windows environment.
Software includes "MCAce-II" software to run the URSA-II using a Pocket PC (Jornada, iPAQ, etc.) running WindowsCE. Can be installed on as many computers as you like, with no restrictions and includes free updates.


Software Includes:
Full-featured library editor. Standard libraries include all 497 isotopes listed in the "Kocher's Radioactive Decay Tables."
Multi-channel scaling mode, peak search and identify, quantification based on ROIs or peaks search.
Dual-channel emulator allows use with gas proportional or phoswich detectors as a "gross alpha/beta" counter-scaler.
Sophisticated multiple alarm functions are based on the overall count rate, individual ROIs, exceeding a specific rate or an increase in rate over a specific time interval. Alarms can trigger external devices.
Provisions are included for acquiring and saving spectra repeatedly and continuously while unattended. Spectra can be saved and reloaded to "live" for re-analysis or additional data accumulation, or loaded as a background spectrum. Saved spectra can be superimposed on the "active" spectrum for comparison. Spectrum format is easily accessible by your spreadsheet program. All reports can be previewed, printed, or saved as text or rich text files.
"ASCII" mode allows control of and data collection from the URSA-II with user's own software or hardware.

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Minimum System Requirements:
486 computer running Windows 95 or higher. Connects to controlling computer using a standard RS232 serial port, or USB using RS232-to-USB adapter. Supports both high and normal data rates using USB, although, not all computers may be capable of handling the dataflow.
4096-channels, can also be configured for 256, 512, 1024, or 2048 channels. Internal bias voltage supply provides positive high voltage from 0 to 2000V at up to 0.5mA. Adjustable shaping time, 0.25 to 10 s. Wide gain range by utilizing coarse and fine gain controls, achieve gain from x1 to x250.
Detector Connector:
Two detector inputs. One standard series "C" connector for detectors where the signal is joined with the high voltage supply. The other is for detectors having separate connections for high voltage (SHV connector) and signal (BNC connector). Active detector input is selected via software, and can be negative, positive, or pre-shaped (positive) signal.
External Connector:
External connector provides +5V, +12V, and -12V for external preamplifiers and two logic signals for notifying external devices of alarm conditions.
Power On/Off, and Fast/Normal charging rates. (Internal switch located in the battery compartment suppresses battery-charging circuitry for when non-rechargeable batteries are being used.)
LED Indicators:
On/Off, External power availability, and fast charge activation
External 12VDC power supply, six "AA" NiMH rechargeable batteries (included) with recharging internally, or six standard alkaline "AA" batteries.
External 12VDC power jack allows instrument to plug into vehicle. "Fast Charge" of NiMH batteries can also be selected.
157 x 90 x 44 mm (6.186 x 3.558 x 1.718 in.)
391 grams (13.8 oz.) without batteries.
RAP Scintillation Probes

Specifications subject to change.

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