Neutron Counters:

Model 1150N The Neutron Diffraction Residual Stress Instrument - The DARTS spectrometer at NIST.
Model 1155N Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Neutron Diffraction Macro Residual Stress Mapping Facility
Model 1250N Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering Department of Solid State Engineering Structure and Texture Analysis by Neutron Diffraction
Model 1250N Two-Axis Powder Diffractometer KSN-2
Model 1250N Nuclear Physics Institute - Czech Republic Multipurpose Double Axis Diffractometer SPN-100
Model 2650N Institute for Solid State Physics - Neutron Scattering
Model 2650N HFIR Small-Q Diffractometers
Model 2651N LOQ - SANS at ISIS
Model 2660N NIST - Cold Neutron Instruments

PERALS - Spectrometers:

Model 8100AB ATL's Environmental Radioanalytical Laboratory
Model 8100AB Dr. Sue B. Clark's Laboratory, Washington State University Department of Chemistry Analytical, Environmental, and Radiochemistry Division



Recent improvements to RC-line encoded position-sensitive proportional counters. C. J. Borkowski and M. K. Kopp
Small Angle Scattering Wordwide
Science and Neutron Scattering
Two Concentric Protein Shell Structure with Spikes of Silkworm Bombyx mori Cytoplasmic Polyhedrosis Virus Revealed by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Using the Contrast Variation Method
Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) Studies
Upgrade of the wide-angle neutron diffractometer at the high-flux isotope reactor. S. Katano, Y. Ishii, Y. Morii, H.R. Child, J.A Fernandez-Baca

Frisch-Grid Large-Area Ionization Chambers:

Rapid Transuranic Monitoring Laboratory (1.2)

PERALS Spectrometers:

Abstract - Development and Testing of Environmentally Safe Extractive Scintillator Solutions for Alpha Spectrometry
Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Highlights Sensitive Instrumentation for Measuring Radionuclides has Revolutionized Radioanalytical Laboratories
Sensitive Instrumentation for Measuring Radionuclides has Revolutionized Radioanalytical Laboratories
Solubility test method development supported by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission under grant number NRC-04-93-097.
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Low Background Alpha Detectors:

MicroMagazine - Information about the Model 8600A