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#1 - Radium by PERALS®: Heritage Laboratories, Inc.
#2 - Isotopic Thorium by PERALS®: Heritage Laboratories, Inc.
#3 - Isotopic Uranium by PERALS®: Heritage Laboratories, Inc.
#4 - Isotopic Plutonium by PERALS®: Heritage Laboratories, Inc.
#5 - Isotopic Americium-241 by PERALS®: Heritage Laboratories, Inc.
#6 - Radionuclides on Air Filters by PERALS®: Radiation Safety Engineering, Inc.
#7 - Radon in Water by PERALS®: ORDELA, Inc.
#8 - Thorium in Soil by PERALS®: TMA/Eberline


PERALS® Spectrometry
Extractive Procedure for 226Ra Determination in Aqueous Samples by Liquid Scintillation Counting: V. Gómez Escobar, F. Vera Tomé, & J.C. Lozano 1999
Nuclide Specific Analysis of Actinides in Water Using PERALS®: BGRR Sump Treatment Project: Dr. Salvatore Scarpitta, Robert Gaschott, Anette Meier, Jean Odin-McCabe, Eric Klug 1998
Total Alpha-Particle and Total Pu Measurements in High Beta-Particle Activity Savannah River Site High-Level Waste Samples: R.A. Dewberry, D.P. DiPrete & W.T. Boyce 1998
Development of a rapid procedure for the measurement of uranium in drinking water by PERALS® spectrometry: J.M. Duffey, F.I. Case, R.L. Metzger, B.J. Jessop, G.K. Schweitzer 1997
Measurement of Uranium Total Alpha-Particle Activity by Selective Extraction and Photon/Electron-Rejecting Alpha Liquid Scintillation (PERALS®) Spectroscopy: R.A. Dewberry 1997
Alpha Liquid Scintillation Measurement of Plutonium in Solution Spiked by Pu-236: J. Aupiais 1997
Determination of Uranium in Urine Samples by PERALS®: Jonathan Duffey 1997
A Comparison of PERALS® to alpha spectrometry and beta counting: a measure of the sedimentation rate in a coastal basin: F. Monna, D. Mathien, A.N. Marques, J. Lancelot & M. Bernat 1996
Solubility Characterization of Airborne Uranium from an IN SITU Uranium Processing Plant: Robert Metzger, Donna Wichers, John Vaselin, Pablo Velasquez 1996
Determination of Uranium, Thorium, Plutonium, Americium & Curium Ultra-Traces by PERALS® System: J.Aupiais & N. Dacheux (France) 1996
Proposed Separation and Analysis Scheme for Strontium: W. Jack McDowell 1995
Bioanalysis of Uranium, Plutonium, and Curium on Breathing Zone Air Samples by Solvent Extraction and PERALS® Spectrometry: Robert L. Metzger, Bernardo H. Jessop & Betty McDowell 1995
Evaluation of Direct Extraction/Liquid Scintillation Counting Technique for the Measurement of Uranium in Water: Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
Articles: J.D. Leyba, H.S. Vollmar, R. A Fjeld, T.A. DeVol, D.D. Brown, J.R. Cadieux
Measurement of Actinides in Environmental Samples by Photon-Electron Rejecting Alpha Liquid Scintillation: J.R. Cadieux, S. Clark, R.A. Fjeld, S. Reboul and A. Sowder 1994
References Relating to Photon/Electron-Rejecting Alpha Liquid Scintillation (PERALS®) Spectrometry: ETRAC®, Inc.  1994
A Simple Method for Solubility Testing of Radionuclides on Air Filters: Robert Metzger  1993
Evaluation of the Minimum Detectable Concentrations of Uranium 234-238 and Americium-241 in Aqueous Solutions by Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Alpha Liquid Scintillation Spectrometry: David D. Brown, Robert Fjeld and James Cadieux 1993
PERALS® Procedures Suitable for Field Applications: W. Jack McDowell 1992
Determination of Radium in Natural Waters by Alpha Liquid Scintillation: William C. Burnett and Wei-Chieh Tai 1992
Optimization of Methods for Analyzing Radionuclides in Drinking Water: Lowry Engineering 1992
Photon/Electron-Rejecting Alpha Liquid Scintillation (PERALS®) Spectrometer: A Review: W. Jack McDowell 1992
Sample Preparation and Analysis for Plutonium by Photon-Electron-Rejecting Alpha Liquid Scintillation (PERALS®) Spectrometry: W. Jack McDowell 1991
Evaluation of a Photon-Electron Rejecting Alpha Liquid Scintillation (PERALS®) Spectrometer for the Measurement of Alpha-Emitting Radionuclides: J.R. Cadieux 1990
New Instrument for Better PERALS® Spectrometry: Daniel & Manfred Kopp 1990
An Improved Sensitive Assay for Polonium-210 By Use of A Background-Rejecting Extractive Liquid-Scintillation Method: G.N. Case & W. Jack McDowell 1982
Separation of Radium and Its Determination by Photon/Electron-Rejecting Alpha Liquid Scintillation Spectrometry: G.N. Case & W. Jack McDowell  
A Simple Method for Solubility Testing of Uranium on Air Filters: R.L. Metzger, M.A. Coombs, K.L. Stuhr, A.M. Bousquet and B.G. Howell  
Comparison of Two Techniques for Bioassay of Urine for Plutonium  
Development of a Mobile Laboratory for Analysis at Uranium Cleanup Sites Resulting in Significant Time and Cost Savings: Joe Bianconi  
Separation and Analysis of Actinides by Extraction Chromatography coupled with Alpha Liquid Scintillation Spectrometry: J.R. Cadieux and S.H. Reboul  
The Chemistry of PERALS®: W. Jack McDowell  
The History of PERALS®: W. Jack McDowell  
PERALS® Datamap, a New Method for Simultaneous Counting and Separation of Alpha and Beta/Gamma Activity Using PERALS® Spectrometry: Daniel & Manfred Kopp  
Solvent Extraction Methods for the Analytical Separation of Environmental Radionuclides: W. Jack & Betty McDowell  
Frisch-Grid Chamber
Development of Improved Assay for the Determination of Gross Alpha and Beta Concentrations in Soil -Direct Counting of Soil Wafers: Roger Wong, Bill Burnett, Sue Clark, Cecilia DiPrete, Brian Crandall and Troy Tranter  1996
Rapid Monitoring of Soil, Water, and Air Dusts by Direct Large-Area Alpha Spectrometry: Claude W. Sill 1995


Using ETRAC® Laboratories, Inc. Extractive Scintillators 1996
Accessories for the PERALS® Spectrometer 1996
The Importance of Setting Your Pulse Shape Discriminator 1995
News Release: New, Direct, Rapid Alpha Spectrometry of Soil, Water, Air Filter, and Smear Samples with Large-Area Gridded Ionization Chamber 1993
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Advantages of the PERALS® Spectrometer  


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