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  RADIATION ALERT® instruments are engineered to be reliable, simple to use, and affordably priced. All products are made in the USA. For ordering and questions, call 1-800-293-5759.
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Polismart Gamma-Neutron PRD

POLIMASTER and POLISMART™ introduces the world's only gamma-neutron Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) and Identifier. POLISMART™ - combines the capabilities of a gamma-neutron personal radiation detectors (PRD), identifiers of nuclear and radioactive materials (RIID) and the smart phone into one network instrument which is constantly connected to the departmental or public network providing communications with the organizations of experts or the automatic Decision Support System (DSS).

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The PM1621/PM1621A dosimeters are professional instruments for measurement of personnel dose equivalent Hp(10) and dose equivalent rate Hp(10) of X-ray and gamma radiation within the wide range of energies - from 10 keV to 20 MeV. Dose rate measurement range for the PM1621 is here 0.1 mSv/h - 0.1 Sv/h, for the PM1621A - 0.1 mSv/h - 1 Sv/h.

Such energy range and dose rate measurement range allow to control radiation situation and radiation dose of the user using the dosimeter not only when working with sources of ionizing radiation of various intensity but also in conditions of slight natural background's fluctuations. A function of storage of dose rate history, accumulated dose value and serial numbers of the dosimeters in their non-volatile memory and further transmission of these values to PC through IR-adapter using a software is provided for in the dosimeters. It makes it possible to use the dosimeter as a component of computer system for accounting the doses of personnel and for creating corresponding data bases.

The dosimeters meet in full the requirements of the IEC61526 standard.

The devices allow the user to preset alarm thresholds on dose rate and accumulated dose (two independent thresholds for dose and two for dose rate, which differ in type of audible alarm signals). In case any of the preset thresholds is exceeded this information is indicated in the LCD and corresponding audible alarm signal sounds. The dosimeters automatically count the time of dose accumulation.

Both dosimeters have shockproof hermetic housings thus making it possible to decontaminate it. The dosimeters can be worn both in the breast pocket or attached to the belt



PM1208/"POLIMASTER" РМ1209 Wrist Gamma Indicator / Electronic Wrist-Watch  

  • Modern design. Stainless steel case

  • Multifunctional electronic clock

  • Swiss quartz clock movement RONDA763

  • Water resistant up to 100m

  • Registration and indication of dose and dose rate of gamma-radiation

  • Accuracy of registration and indication is comparable with the readings of professional instruments

  • Threshold audible alarm

  • Indication of time of dose accumulation

  • Dose rate range: 0.1 - 4000 mSv/h

  • Dose range: 0.001 - 9999 mSv

  • Energy range: 0.06 - 1.5 MeV

  • Battery lifetime: 12 months

  • Dimensions: 50 x 45 x 20 mm

  • Weight (without band): 95 g


DIS-100 - Wide Energy Personal Dosimeter
The revolutionary Direct Ion Storage detector provides several unique features not matched in pocket size ever before.

Extremely wide energy range for photons
from 6 keV to 9 MeV for Hp(0.07)
from 15 keV to 9 MeV for Hp(10)

Perfect dose rate linearity from 1 uSv/h to 40 Sv/h with minimal variance

Solid response for pulsed fields better than 90% response to pulsed X-rays and accelerators

Totally immune to EMI absolutely no response to cellular telephones or radars

Continuous dose integration even with battery off the DIS detector is measuring continuously without external power

  • From ORDELA, Inc.

PERALS® and Frisch Grid Detectors for
Homeland Security

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Portable PERALS(r) and Frisch Grid detectors for Homeland Security. Click to enlarge
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